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Howdy! I'm a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, specializing in branding, packaging and art direction for clients that are a mix of boutique start-up, global corporations, non-profit organizations and (very select) friends. I strive to create meaningful and compelling solutions with like-minded partnerships through collaborative work processes (ie: I want to make cool stuff with my friends). 


Some additional work experience not related to graphic design: visual merchandising, editorial writing, operations and quality management, bookkeeping and accounting, exhibition docent, teaching piano, tutoring AP Calculus, teaching ESL, high and low end retail slave, Cutco knife sales rep and chef at Taco Bell. 

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. Working knowledge of Figma. Print production. Drawing. 


Some other skills not related to graphic design: can speak Korean and some Spanish & Mandarin, mediocre hip hop dancing, studying psychology, philosophy & theology,

anti-human trafficking advocacy, booping dog noses,

talking to strangers and overthinking about whether or not to include this gratuitous information.



Korean-American-Idahoan-Californian-New Yorker

Meyers Briggs = ENFJ. 

Enneagram = 4 wing 3

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