Random Facts

Trajectory = Idaho > California > Asia > New York > California > Bicoastal

Meyers Briggs = INFJ. 

Enneagram = 4 

Exterior = Korean American

Interior = Big heart full of faith and love

*1004 = pronounced chun sa in Korean, which is also the same word for angel.  ;P


Currently a full time freelance graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY, with most experience in branding and package design. Services include but not limited to print, front-end web, identity, illustration and art direction. Clients include a mix of design agencies, global corporations, startups, non-profit organizations and [some very select] friends.

Some additional work experience NOT RELATED to graphic design include visual merchandising, editorial work, operations in quality management, bookkeeping and accounting, exhibition docent, teaching piano, tutoring AP Calculus, teaching ESL, high and low end retail slave, Cutco knife sales rep, and shining at Taco Bell. 


Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign). Drawing with ink and gauche. Production.

Some other skills NOT RELATED to graphic design include speaking Korean (some Spanish and Mandarin), advocation for anti-human trafficking, mediocre dancing, studying psychology, philosophy and theology, booping dog noses, talking to strangers and overthinking about whether or not to include these small type descriptions containing gratuitous information. 

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